Custom made solutions

We provide custom made hydrocyclone water recycling systems with particle separation, aeration, biology and (when needed) chemicals for washplants of all sizes. We can produce a fully biological, environmental and effective waterhandling system for you, reducing sludge and chemical costs to a minimum.


Cleaner-Carwash problemsolvers

We deliver high quality components for solving parts or all of the recycling and wastewater handling. Small and easily installed directly in the washing hall you may use your existing equipment and we will work with all washingmachines.

  • Original stainless steel hydrocyclone cleaners of high quality, available directly from us, separates particles of all sizes and weight, allows you to recycle without sandfilters and chemicals.

  • ROC - oxygen cyclone cleaner will keep your tanks healthy.

Plug in RRS Recycling system   

RRS-2, RRS-3, RRS-10, RRS-15

RRS hit the market in 1997 providing cleaning and recirculation of waste and process water based on hydrocyclone technic for particle separation, vitalization, aeration.

  • Hydromechanical and biological system

  • No chemicals added

  • Easy to install

  • No filters

  • Low maintenance charge

  • Works with all washing machines.

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Manufacturing of stainless steel cleaners, hydrocyclones, cleaners for paper and pulp industry, cleaner carwash system and watertreatment products.

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