Ribea supports a future with clean water and wildlife. Biological and mechanical water treatment keep the surrounding enviroment healthy and preserves fresh air and clean forests for upcomming generations.


We engage in both quality and environmental work.



Manufacturing policy

RIBEA continues to work for a better environment and preservation of natures resourses by choosing the best handling of transports and recycling waste where possible.

A cost efficient production uses a minimum amount of the world resources.

RIBEA products are of high quality and repairable to ensure a long lifespan.









Environmental equipment for polluted water. Biological and mechanichal water treatment products.Cleaner products for cost efficient and long lasting improvement of water and the environment.

Problemsolver for carwash water, fast, efficient and biological. CleanerCarWash System.

Paper and Pulp equipment, cleaners, cleanerparts, cleaner spareparts. Stainlessteel cleaners, original Ribea cleaners in stainless steel replaces plastic cleaners and solve your sparepart problem as well as save valuable production  time while performing at the top most level for years and years.

Ribea cleaners version, RB 300, Rb 300B, RB 200, RB 200 EH, RB 200 CV PLUG-IN,RB 200 CVP, RB 200Pi, RB 150, RB 150 X, RB 150 XC, RB 100, RB 90, RB 80, Cyclean