Replace plastic or worn out cleaner parts

RIBEA can supply you with steel cleaners that replace your current steel or plastic equipment and fit into the cleaner banks that you have today.

The conical parts of these cleaners are manufactured with the very high quality of the Ribea products and cleaning performance is kept on top for the entire lifetime of this durable cleaner. Our stainless steel cleaners are manufactured as a complete unit which reduce your disassembling and spare part handling to a minimum.

You have no problems with waste from broken cleaner components, the stainless steel cleaner is repearable and resistent against most chemicals, high pressure and high temperature.

Paper and Pulp Cleaners


The cleaner was originally designed to remove particles such as sand and fibre from water. 

The water flows into the cleaner, at high pressure, at the upper side of the cleaner and enters a clockwise spiral downwards. As the water reaches the narrow end the particles are washed out through the tip. The clean water moves upward in a spiral movement in the middle of the cleaner. The stainless steel cleaner has long durability and is highly efficient through out its lifetime.


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