The production unit RIBEA Engineering AB has the skill of 40 years of experience and a flexible  network of cooperation partners to supply you with the best cleaners, parts and watertreatment systems.


We offer custom made watertreatment products, series production and contract manufacturing.


High quality cleaner cones are made with genuine craftmanship  and specially designed machines.

The original manufacturing process of the cones are flow turning, which produces a precise shape, durability, extreme hardness and a smoothly polished steel finish.


The high product quality and the good separation efficiency of the Ribea products provide outstanding results.


To care for nature RIBEA works according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. We contribute to the necessary future solutions to the environmental problems around us.    Policy.



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Manufacturing of stainless steel cleaners, hydrocyclones, cleaners for paper and pulp industry, cleaner carwash bio system and watertreatment products.

Manufacturer of Ribea carwash sleaner system offering cleaner spare parts and consulting services.

Flowturning, high quality steel cones, cleaners and hydrocyclones. Swedish steel production unit. Contract manufacturing.

Ribea cyclones, RB cleaners: RB 300, RB 200, RB 150, Rb 100, RB 90, RB 80, RB 300v, RB 300X, RB 300b, RB 200pi, Rb 200 pi plug in, RB 150x, rb 150 pi, Rb 90x, Rb 80x.