Hydromechanical waterproducts


We supply a line of hydromechanical and biological watertreatment products. Large systems and small units designed to solve particular waste water problems and cost saving recycling for your company.


Developed over the last 40 years Ribea's products for watertreatment are eazily installed, low in maintenance and effective in operation.



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Reinforcing the complex vortexes of water in motion, our environmental technology copies the natural cleansing process of water flowing freely.

Supporting nature with the high performing processes needed for industrial water treatment.

Stainless steel - improve the quality of your water!

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Paper and Pulp equipment, cleaners, cleanerparts, cleaner spareparts. Stainlessteel cleaners, original Ribea cleaners in stainless steel replaces plastic cleaners and solve your sparepart problem as well as save valuable production  time while performing at the top most level for years and years.

Ribea cleaners version, RB 300, Rb 300B, RB 200, RB 200 EH, RB 200 CV PLUG-IN,RB 200 CVP, RB 200Pi, RB 150, RB 150 X, RB 150 XC, RB 100, RB 90, RB 80, Cyclean