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For more than 40 years deliveries of cleaners and complete water treatment systems have been made all over the world. We work in close relationship with our partners to continue the innovation of new water treatment technology.

RIBEA own manufacturing of  high quality metal products is based upon  genuine skill, experienced personell and specially designed machines. Tools that create the precise shape, durability, extreme hardness and a smoothly polished finish of the RibeaTM-cleaner.

The hydrocyclone, designed for the paper and pulp industry, is an effective component in RIBEA's carwash systems and hydromechanical - biological recycling and water treatment systems.

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Phone +46 70 732 27 57
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Welcome to BioVortex Ribea.

Cleaners and spare parts in stainless steel. Cleaners for paper and pulp insustry, Ribea cleaner - papermills.Cleaner production.

Watertreatment products, biological and mechanical cleaner / hydrocyclone treatment of wastewater from industry, carwash water, papermills and plants.

CarWash cleaner system, Ribea, RRS system. Hydrocyclone system for carwash of all sizes, effective and easily installed.

Hydrocyclones for tough environments, stainless steel and titan for high pressure, high temperature and long durability,

Metall workshop, manufacturing with high standards delivering quality steel products all over the world.

Hydrocyclone equipment for aeration, mixing of gas and liquid, separation och particles and fluid, separation of particles of different sizes.